Daily Bible Reading by Grover B. Proctor Jr.

Are you in need of daily Bible reading material? If so, help yourself to our “Daily Bible Reading.”

This material is written by Dr. Grover Proctor, a retired university Dean and professor, author, speaker, and consultant in a variety of fields. He earned his doctorate from Wayne State University in Detroit.

It was through the ministry of Ronald Dart that God showered Dr. Proctor with great blessings. Dr. Proctor has written numerous times that he learned more about God and about the Bible from Ron Dart than from any of his other pastors or professors.

After Ron Dart's injury, failing health, and death, Proctor was able to assist Allie Dart (Ron's wife and life-long co-worker in Christ) with authoring and editing some of her manuscripts — up until the time of her own death.

"There is no doubt," Proctor has said frequently, "that knowing, learning from, being inspired by, and coming to love Ron and Allie provided the single greatest earthly Christian blessing of my life."

He is married to Adrianne B. Proctor, a retired writer, who is a calligrapher and currently President of the Triangle Calligraphers' Guild. They live in Cary, North Carolina.

So please please enjoy and be edified by the “Daily Bible Reading” here at RLDEA.com.

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