The Ronald L Dart Evangelistic Association was created by Ron's widow (Allie) for the purpose of promoting Ron's works. Allie created this association shortly before her death in 2017. It was her desire that Ron's teachings would be still available to the public for many, many years to come.

It goes without saying that Allie knew Christian Educational Ministries was already performing a similar ministry. But, before her passing, Allie had lost confidence in that organization and decided it was necessary to create a new ministry with new people and with new ideas to carry on with Ron’s good works.

We at the RLDEA enthusiastically work to promote Ron's materials.

The Ronald L Dart Evangelistic Association is supported totally by disbursements from Allie's estate. For that reason, the RLDEA does not solicit donations. Nor does it accept donations. Our only desire is to point people to Jesus Christ thru the works of Ron.


We do not accept donations, but welcome your prayers, comments, and questions. 

The Ronald L. Dart Evangelistic Association
1910 ESE Loop 323, STE 308
Tyler, TX 75701