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  Question:  Why are you in competition with Christian Educational Ministries?  Ron Dart started CEM. I do not know the whole story about RLDEA. I have heard that Allie had something to do with RLDEA. I would appreciate some clarification. Thank you for your help.

     Answer:  RLDEA is not in competition with CEM.  

     RLDEA was created by Allie Dart because she had lost confidence in the CEM board, so she created RLDEA as a supplement to CEM — not as a replacement for CEM — not as a competitor of CEM.  

     Further, RLDEA was created primarily with Allie’s money that she earned as one of the top realtors in Tyler Texas for years.   RLDEA is being sustained by funds from Allie’s estate.  (We don’t accept donations from the public.)   It was Allie’s right to set this up with her money to promote her late husband’s works.  

     At RLDEA, we are open to working harmoniously with CEM.  We have been open from the beginning.  

     Wes White

I am also very thankful for this couple! I am still listening and learning from the gifted teacher, Ron Dart. Allie was a good example and I know did many things behind the scenes that we may not even be aware of. Perfect teamwork!
Bonnie Skelton

I owe my knowledge of God to this couple and I am grateful to have been a part of their Christian family through Baptism in 1995 in Collingwood <3 I still listen to his sermons thanks to the technology available; Ron Dart will live on and inspire people for decades to come!
Lisa Shirley Brady

I look forward to meeting him and telling how grateful for all I have learned. Still listening
Artie Hough

Doesn’t matter when the sermon was, it still has a teaching lesson for us. Listen to him all the time!
Valerie LePont

The best thing about RLDEA is Jesus Christ.  
     Rod Koozman

I  have spent many hours of appreciative learning listening to Mr. Dart
     Dandy Walmsley

When I first gave my life to Jesus, I turned off rock radio and started to listen to Christian radio here in Northern Cal. In 2009, one of the two stations I came across is 770 KCBC... I can't begin to tell you how much Ron's teaching helped me understand the Gospel and the Bible with a deeper understanding. God has brought me a long way in ten years... One glorious day when this cosmic conflict comes to an end, I hope to see my friend Ron and tell him how much his teaching meant to me.

Thomas Huston

I still listen to (Ron’s sermons) sermons every night!!!

Sylvia and David Blevins.

My husband Al Carrozzo talked highly of (the Darts). Always invited us to the Feasts.

Thanks for sharing these pictures of the Darts. .I really enjoy reading their articles.

Ondigo Ochien

I miss (the Darts) especially him. He was occasionally active on his forum. Once he spent an hour trying to explain something to me about computers.

Rod Koozman

Ron and I went fishing in lake Palestine one summer. I found him to be quite a gentleman and scholar His perceptions of God and life are an inspiration to many.

Charles Pope

(The Darts were) part of my life from 1963 - what a blessing to know such people.

Bill Pentecost

I never knew them personally and never met them, but I have been listening to Ron for many years and I still do. One of the best, most honest, humble and open minded bible teacher I have had the good fortune to come across. It’s funny in a way but I kind of feel like I know them without having ever met them.

Bill Christian.

Thank you for sharing, wonderful photos (of the Darts)!

Dace Lahr

Ron Dart was a gifted teacher. I learned much from him. He and Allie were a good team, each complimenting and giving strength to the other.

Bonnie Skelton Crawford

Like Ron Dart said, “I’ve read the book and, in the end, we win.”

Larry Evans

Good morning. My name is Meshach Bondzie, Senior Pastor of Divine Light Church in Ghana, West Africa. I am blessed to come across your association.

Dear RLDEA, 

I was born into the family of Gabriel Samo and Sarah Samo of Rakoro Village in Kenya. My parents were Catholics who were keeping Sunday and that  is where I grew since it was the only denomination which was common in our area. Funny thing, I was not baptized in the Catholic religion.

I tried several times when my elder sister and age mates were going for baptism, but I was always failing. The reason I can’t tell because it happened in such a way that is impossible to tell…

I later met a pentecostal preacher when he was teaching about baptism and was explaining how baptism can only be done in the river or a lake not by a small water in the glass or any container.  I was surprised because he was explaining how Jesus was baptized in the river not by sprinkling water or poring in the face. And he read the books of 1 John 2:6 (Anyone who says he is a Christian should live as Christ did) Psalms 119:105( your words are a flashlight to light the path a head of me, and keep me from stumbling. Verse 106 (I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again and again: I will obey these wonderful laws of yours).

I was shocked when I heard all these verses and turned my mind from being a catholic and changed to be a pentecostal.

Every time I was studying the bible, I found that the bible is guiding us to keep  the sabbath not Sunday, since it is one of God’s ten commandments (Exodus 20:8-11;-Remember to observe the sabbath  as a Holy Day. Six days a week are for your daily duties and your regular works, but the seventh day is a day of sabbath rest before the lord your God. On that day you are to do no work of any kind, nor shall your son, daughter, or slaves-whether men or women-or your cattle or your house guests. For in six days, the lord made the heaven, earth and sea, and everything in them, and rested the seventh day and set it a side for rest).  And it is a sign between God and Mankind.( Ezekiel 20:11;- There I gave them my laws so they could live by keeping them. If anyone keeps them, he shall live. And I gave them the sabbath- a day of rest every seventh day-as a symbol between them and me, to remind them that is  I, the Lord, who sanctifies them, that they are truly my people).

Even though I was studying God’s sabbath I was still keeping Sunday but under  pressure, because when I was asking my pastors questions about sabbath, they  were giving me negative answers and were ready to fight me because they were considering me as a person who is bringing division in the church.

Many people accepted my teachings about sabbath but before the pastor most of them turned away from me and siding with the pastor simply because of fear. So it was a big problem to me till one sabbath day morning when I made a decision in my mind to trace a place where I can get those who are keeping God’s sabbath. On my way I met some SDA members who were going for sabbath services. When I talked with about which day they are keeping, they told me that they are keeping sabbath. I followed them to the church that Sabbath. That is how I became a SDA  member…

I stayed in SDA till I became a preacher who coulxy move every place to preach. One day when we went to open a new sabbath school, I was the guest speaker for that occasion. It was a wonderful preaching and many turned to be SDA members and it was a total success to the church.  At late hours when we were in bible study, but among us was a man,Mr. Earnest Owino who had been a Co-Worker to WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD. This man started to go against our teachings like:

1;- How we are keeping passover. In SDA we were partaking passover 4 times a year. And the bible says ones year. (Leviticus 23:5)

2;- How we were preaching about going to heaven after resurrection for 1000 years. The bible says no going in heaven for 1000 years but instead Christ is coming back to rule on earth for 1000 years…

He had two booklets in his hand. And since I was wondering if he was biblical, I received those booklets from him to study them. They were titled “God’s Holy Days or Pagans Holidays?” another one was “The Gospel of the Kingdom” by Armstrong.”

This is how I was called in God’s church where  there is a whole truth and is a pillar of the truth. 1 Timothy 3:14.

I was later baptized in WCG  where I stayed till Tkach brought apostasy in God’s church. This was the time I decided to walk out from WWCG. And we stayed for some period before we joined any group.

It later happened when I was reading the book of Ten Commandments by Dr. Roderick Meredith. I decided myself to place where Meredith was.  Because I knew that according to the book he wrote, he could not follow false doctrine of Tkach. This is why I later joined Global Church of God(GCG).  We kept the Feast Of Tabernacles with them that year. Again after the feast we got a massage again that Global is divided, when Larry Salyer and his team went one way and Meredith and his team also one way. It was a sad story actually!!! I decided to join Living church of God with Meredith.  In LCG I hosted 5 different groups. After my ordination,a Living Church Of God Minister did something which he never repented of. Seeing that,i left attending with LCG brethren and went independent,not only me but with other called sons of God.

I served as a Church of God Host in the Living Church Of God in  East Africa for more than 4 years.

The COG are slowly dying off simply because they cannot "grow in Truth" due to overriding doctrinal committee authority & corporate rules-laws, fear of losing more tithe payers with doctrinal changes (maximize Unity as higher priority), and/or not humble enough to confess doctrinal errors and/or merge with others who think just a little differently. There are other reasons of course, but I can see the big issues and keep it brief. However, I have to let you know that I agree with you on your sermons,teachings and Doctrine Statement.

In the past few years to now I have been more of just an independent "voice crying in the wilderness" preparing The Way for  Jesus majestic glorious return as Messiah ben David (KING of kings & LORD of lords)...under our Father of course! Nevertheless, God has been blessing me to educate others, learn from others, "wake up" and convert many especially, to grow in grace and knowledge of our LORD and Savior, which included Biblical accurate Baptisms in Jesus The Messiah and laying on of hands.

After one and half year reviewing many of your  articles,sermons and teachings,and looking over your literature on your website , am now writing to let you know that,I would like to both fully affiliate  and  work with RLDEA,can I please?

Am not working but I like farming since we were blessed with land.   Even though a calling is a personal matter between God and individual,I hope to meet those who would like to affiliate with RLDEA.  In mind and with your support, I would carry out the fold  commission of preaching the Gospel and feeding the little that we may fulfill our calling from God and grow unto the measure of the nature of the fullness of Christ and at His coming be a glorious church, holy and without spot or blemish. Brother,can we work together to proclaim the Lord's gospel to the world? Let me know.

I look forward to your correspondence, and will appreciate your patience with how long it may take me to respond to you sometimes.

Yours sincerely,

Erick Odhiambo

Dear Erick—

Thank you so much for your email!  We praise God that you find value in the teachings of the late Ron Dart.  He was indeed a gifted teacher.

And thank you for sharing testimony regarding your Christian journey.  Obviously, you have been through much and have gleaned considerable wisdom from all these experiences!

Regarding your desire to work with and affiliate with, we welcome your extending the right hand of fellowship with us!  Thank you.

But please realize that we are a very small ministry that is primarily a social media endeavor.  We do not print materials.  And we do not reproduce audio or video recordings.  All of our materials are produced electronically on the internet.  And because we do not ask for or accept donations from the public, we have no funds to share.

Nevertheless, that which we have we freely give.  Please feel free to take and utilize any materials we have on our website or on our Facebook page.  It is all free.

Further, we are constantly adding new things to our website.  It is by no means static.  It is constantly expanding.  

Again, thank you for reaching out to us.  Please pray for us as we commit to will praying for you and your ministry.  God bless you!  

Your brother in Christ,

Wes White

  “I heard Ron on the 770 AM radio station in Garland TX a couple of days ago and was blown away by his wisdom and teachings.  Interested in his past messages and anything he has written.”

Dear ___________,

     Thanks for writing.  We are so pleased that you find value in Ron’s teachings.  We do too.    Please check out our website where we have so many, many of Ron’s materials posted.  And we are constantly adding things.

               Wes White

Congrats on this new, exciting tribute to a True Lion within the Church of God family.

  JL,  Canada

Thank You for creating this page of a very Great man of God.  Mr. Dart is sorely missed by this poor guy.   I am so thankful that I have many, many of his recordings and internet sermons.

     Pat Mc

It is nice to hear Ron's teaching, thank you for making them available. Ron has a way of helping you understand what's wrong with us today and also, how much he knows the Bible. Ron had a way of not holding back. I saw him at a couple of Feast sites in Florida and a couple of other places.

I have joined another organization of former WWCG members and, sadly, sinned by talking against the leadership. I apologized and I think they are semi-shunning me, perhaps excommunication is next and I also believe that I have been the fodder of about 10 sermons. I have apologized, but everything (word) cannot be taken back.

I love listening to (Ron’s message) "Where Have All the Christians Gone"

What should I do? I am deeply sorry for what I have said and will watch my words going forward, only working on praising, praying, fasting and studying but the whole bible (especially) Proverbs convicts me. Should I leave so that I am not a stumbling block to others?

Thank you for any wise counsel.

Dear Friend, 

Thank you so much for writing!  We appreciate your question about what should you do about these people who seem to have a problem forgiving you and patching up past offenses.  

First of all, I don't know exactly what it is you said that caused offense against that church's leadership.  My initial question to you is, "Where your words truly and genuinely offensive?  Or were your words merely disagreement with the way the leaders are administering the church?  Or perhaps you disagreed with something that the leaders taught."  If this was the case, then I find it difficult to understand the need for you to apologize. Unless you said correct things and didn't have love.  Perhaps your words were correct, but you said them in a hateful way.

Again, I don't know all the particulars.  Perhaps you were genuinely offensive in that you bore false witness against the leaders, or called them names, or made inappropriate advances toward one of them or his spouse.  If any of this was the case, then you seem to stand guilty and needed to repent and apologize.  Praise God that you did.

Let's assume you were guilty and that you have indeed repented and apologized.  If those people still hold your sin against you, then this is now on them.  It is no longer on you!  The Bible makes it clear that God removes our sins from us as far as east is from the west.  When God forgives, it's over.  Completely forgotten.  If these people are not taking the same position as God regarding repented sin, then it's now on them and not you.  Don't put that rock in your bag.  Don't let anyone else put that rock in your bag because you have no obligation to carry it.  

Wasn't forgiveness of sin part of Paul's second letter to the Corinthians.  In I Corinthians, Paul corrects the congregation at Corinth for allowing sin to fester in the congregation.  In II Corinthians, he later corrects them for not showing proper forgiveness for the person who had committed the sin in I Corinthians -- even after he finally repented. 

So let's deal with your question about what you should do.  Based on the little bit of information I have, it sounds to me like you should now be praying for these people and for their unwillingness or inability to repent.  Not in a smug way where you congratulate yourself by thinking you are a better Christian than they are.   Instead, your prayers should be that God intervene so there can be reconciliation!  

Reconciliation is so important within the church!  Many Christians love to quote Matthew 18 where it provides a formula for discipline within the church.  But they don't seem to notice that there are three verses in that one chapter that stress what the PURPOSE for discipline within the body of Christ.  That purpose is being reconciled with your brother.  

Yes, the primary goal of Matthew 18 is NOT discipline for discipline's sake within the ecclesia.  Discipline is secondary.  The most important part of Matthew 18 is reconciling one brother to another.  

In fact, that's what Christianity is all about.  Christianity is about relationships between people.  Christianity is NOT about making us all conform to some church organization. 

Again, I must confess that I don't know all the particulars of your situation.  I also confess that, in all my years in the church, I see this prevailing problem of people being shunned simply because they were not in total conformity with some church organization.  Church organizations are good IF (and only if) they exist for the purpose of promoting love and reconciliation between and among the brethren. 

I will be praying for God's intervention in this most unfortunate situation.  Without mentioning your name (which I don't know) or your email address, I will take this to the brethren for their prayers.  

Again, thank you for writing. 

Your brother, 

Wes White